Friday, January 15, 2021

Gate-less Heaven! 2nd Sunday Jan 17 2021


Gateless Heaven! 

"When" can I come to your place?  You may be very busy with so many things!

Can "I" come to your place? If I am a peasant, a poor, a dalit, an orphan; you may not like me to enter your home!

"Where" can I meet you? You may live in a restrictive area where most human beings are forbidden to enter!  Or due to your status, you may not like me to enter your conclave! 

Some years back, three men belonging to a Dalit community were very badly treated in Thinniyam near Lalkudi, Trichy.   Because they had beaten the village drum, they were made to eat human excrete and were beaten with a red hot iron by the so called "higher caste" lumpens!  A bold village youth took the risk of brining the news out!  Under the leadership of Mr. Rathinam a senior advocate we took the matter to the street and to the court.  But the three men's life was in danger and we had to evict them from their village vicinity in order to protect them.

Around this time, I was beginning to live in a village far from our formal religious institutions and communities.  I immediately took them to my place.  Lucky I was not staying in a religious house which would have made it very difficult to accommodate those victims.  To pass permissions and rigidities, it would have been near impossibility!

Poor men entering a police station or simple people entering a "high class" hospitals or entering government offices for certificates or licences you will be humbled and made poor!

Many "houses" are not homes!  You need appointments, pass through restrictions, Audience may not be granted! 

But, normally in villages, people are very simple, they immediately invite you to their homes!  Their homes are simple in structure but plain and welcoming!  Their hearts are also simple and plain!  They have nothing much to defend, hide or feel afraid of!  Whereas people who possess more become protective.  They cannot be easily approached.  Attachment to possession in due time become identification with the same!  Then, when possession is hurt, you are hurt!  When your ideology is attached your Self gets offended.

Your inner fear increases your inner complications!  Your inner complications increases your inner defense, Your inner defense increases your seclusion and alienation!

You trust a few and mistrust many!  Some of their places look so very neat and tidy but highly resembles me of an asylum!  Their laughter, their celebration, their meditation and prayer are all time tabled!  They need bells to wake up and eat their food!

On the contrary, you see Jesus inviting a couple of persons immediately to his residence, probably a temporary one, may be of one his friends'. may be a little tent!!

A spiritual person necessarily need to be a transparent person!  He has less to hide and defend!  He is open therefore, faith filled!  If you are defenseless, you are ever open to persons, ideas, theories, inventions and truth which is dynamic.

If you hesitate too much to welcome people into your place, may be you live in a ghetto not at home!

By the way, Heaven has no doors and door bells!! Any Tom, Dick and Harry may just walk in!  If you think that it may be too disturbing then better to go to hell! 

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Jesus in the Queue! 10 Jan 2021 Baptism of Jesus


Jesus in the Queue!

A priest friend of mine told me once, "when I reach Chennai airport, our friends (influential with the government) take me through a separate lane avoiding the "messy" immigration Queue"

"I am important", "I cannot waste time", "I am better than others", "I need some special attention"! The ego gets a pat on the back and the self (falsely) feels nice and elevated!

I remember a scene from that beautiful film on Bishop Oscar Romero!  The daughter of the ruler would approach the bishop for baptism to her child.  Bishop would say very casually and plainly, to come for the next Sunday mass for the same!  She would turn her head away in disgust and say, "Would you like my child to be baptized along with a bunch of Niggers?"

Standing in a queue means, I stand along with others!  I can see others!  I can touch others!  I can converse with others!  I can understand others! I feel a sense of equality!

Going by flights you see people as dots and later, not even that!  You drive a car, you see people and trees and buildings run against you!  You don't really recognize much what goes behind! In motor cycle you begin to wish a few people and by a cycle a few more and when you walk, you talk with many people who walk along with you and say hello and other inquires when you meet people.  You develop relationship and friendship.  Please don't get struck with this example of flight and walk!  It is to indicate, the type of elevation one tries to enjoy!

Too much of consciousness about your status; alienates, separates and sets you aloof!

In India very often we see politicians, officers, ministers and all type of leaders including religious leaders like to enjoy an elevation which is really an alienation!  Alienation however cosy it is, is boring!  Unnatural!  Unhealthy!  It is only when there is a touch and friction, you begin to see life and its beauty, pain and joy, defeat and success, suffering and jubilation!  Life, all in its fullness!

I see, positions as functional and not as statuses in gradation to be grabbed and cling on to!

When I get struck to elevation; I become sick in my dealings with the other human being in two ways; One is, whenever I meet people I don't see them as human beings rather value them with their position, dress, language, colour and the weight of their purse!  If their look is bit shabby, I detest, I disrespect, I disregard, I bypass and I don't care!  And if their position seem to me as bit higher, I feel embarrassed, put on an artificial smile and laughter, try to establish contact, try to get his or her favour, money, recommendation and what not!

People stick stickers on their vehicles, Lawyer, Judge, Police, Army, Bishop, Chairman, Mayor, Minister and what not!  Just to say, "give way!  don't block! I am important!"  They try to get Ambulance like attention! "True in a way"!!

Jesus goes into river Jordon following a queue!  All types of people are there!  The queue represented many in the society!  Tax collectors, Soldiers, Poojaries, sinners etc.  The one who is giving baptism is much "junior" to Jesus! But Jesus goes down before him in that sluggish and muddy river!

What a contrast he sets before us!  While the world is craving and thirsting for power and position and here is Jesus standing in a queue!

But the real recognition comes from top, the top most!  Very often the top most is the deep most!  "Here is my beloved son in whom I am well pleased".

If you look for mundane recognition and create artificial aura around your neck it is not going to give you the real fulfilment in life!

Know the difference between You and your shirt!  You and your mask! You and your uniform!  May be even YOU and your skin!

A long time minister was fed up with administration and wanted to make a spiritual journey to the mountains.  The king reluctantly permitted him to go.  After several months he returned to the city but found a little hut in the outskirts of the city and was leading simple life meditating and helping people, spiritually.  The king heard of it and one fine morning reached the hut.  He found his former minister sitting in meditation.  The king tried to persuade him to return to the palace.  "My dear man, what have you gained?  You went for a long journey and now have returned and lead a very poor life."  The spiritual man replied, "Oh dear king, when I was in the palace, you were sitting and I used to stand before you.  Now, I sit and you stand before me."  That is the difference.

Monday, December 28, 2020

3 Jan 2021 The Epiphany


(Some of these pictures will prick the human consciousness till the end of this world. A child in Vietnam burnt due to Napalm bombs)

The Epiphany

What are you fighting for?

Ask an army man!  That you shoot and kill humans like you, across the border!  What are you killing  for?

Ask the scientist who work in the Virology department either in Wuhan, China or in Pune, India or similar!  To spread deadly viruses across the border in a biological warfare!!  What are you researching for?

Ask the nuclear scientist or technicians working in bomb squad! Is not Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Vietnam enough?  What are you testing for?

Your education will fetch you a job in a corporate company that will clandestinely loot the millions of farmers and peasants and daily wage earners!  What are you getting educated for?

Servitude!  Mindless service!  Heartless obedience!!

In 1919 The British General Dwyer shouted at his troops, "Fire" towards the 1000s of people gathered in Jalianwala bhagh, near Amristar, Punjab!  The troops consisted of many Indian soldiers!  They shot down and killed 379 and wounded more than 1200 natives!

The para military and police used brutal force against the peaceful farmers protesting in Delhi!  The very next meal was served by the same farmers!  Whom are you guarding?  What are you protecting?

In servitude, you are not suppose to think for yourself!  You are not suppose to think for your people or for the nation or for the nature or for the globe or for the humanity.  You are a ruthless machine!  You suppose to shoot!  You are suppose to loot!  You suppose to rape and kill under an order!

It is not the army men and police alone!  People know that their politicians are filthily corrupt! Yet, they will elect them again and again and allow them to loot and kill and amass wealth!  Why people?!!  There are "religious leaders" who send circulars to the places of worship to support "their favourite political party" that stands naked and entrenched in the innocent blood of the poor!  They support blood sucking "leeches" and "vampires"!  The country is unable to stand straight due to poverty and emptiness caused by these selfish few!

The soldiers of Herod went a free pulling away children from the chest of their mothers and slaughtered them!  They were dutiful!  They had personally nothing against those innocent children!  They have nothing against soldiers standing across the borders and bobbed wires!  They have nothing against the farmers in Delhi!  They had nothing against the natives in Amritsar!  They have nothing against children in Iraq! They have nothing against people in El-Salvador!  Therefore, how can they have anything against those innocent babies under age, two?

They are just Hired killers!  They kill for a little money!  They kill for a little land!  They kill for a little position!  They need that little money; to feed them and their family!  The rulers know their need and  weakness!  They punch on it that they lose their consciousness and become numb!

We don't kill only with bullets and swords alone!

When you bribe to get a signature for an approval or a licence you will earn them back sucking many innocents who come to you!

When you accumulate or misappropriate that don't belong to you, you are using a clever and cunning system which makes many poor! and promote hunger and poverty!

When you demand more money for your service, when you expect a commission to grant legitimate  contracts, when you misuse authority to suppress legitimacy there is a Herod active in you!

Attitude and Justification is the core of the issue!

I have my justification for all what I do!  You have your justification for all what you do!  Herod had his justifications!  The rulers of this world have their justifications!

In the name of my democracy!,  In the name of my nationalism!, In the name of my ideology!,  In the name my communism!, In the name of my capitalism!,  In the name of my religion!, In the name of my God!  and what not!

"The new born, the so called messiah might disturb the tranquillity of my society and my authority", probably Herod thought so! Shankar Guha Niyogi, Jeyaprakash Narayan, Father Stan Lordusamy, Gandhi, Journalsits, Writers, Social activists and many such people "disturb" the tranquillity of the society!

Three wise men!  They were from the east, the scriptures say!  They had Gold, frankincense and myrrh to be gifted to the mother!  They had an astrological knowledge that predicted a new chapter in the world!  That is why the search, a long travel and reaching Jerusalem, asking Herod if he knew about it.  Herod said, "I also want to "worship" him."  "Report back" he requested!  But, they went back treading a different path!  They saved the child!  They saved themselves!

Collaboration with an unjust system not only eliminates the innocent but finally you too!

Sunday, December 27, 2020

Jan 1, 2021 Mary Mother of God


Mary mother of God!

Happy New Year!

I have two boys with me; one in 3rd year B.Com and his younger brother in 12th standard.  When the  younger one was in his mother's womb their father died of cancer.  When the younger one was only 4 years, the mother deserted both of them and have not come to see them even once!

2014!  I used to watch and enjoy Vijay Super singer!  There was this boy Senthilnathan!  Blind and mentally challenged!  He participated in the show, singing!  I used to be in tears whenever he completes singing!  When he was a baby their parents had thrown him on the seashore of  Thiruchendur.  To this show, Senthil was always accompanied by "Pathri" who himself was blind, married to a blind person but were caring about 600 such children!

So, Just because you have given birth to a baby, you don't become a "mother"!  or just because you carried a fetus for 10 months you don't become a mother!  Legally, biologically, DNA wise you may claim your mother status but not your motherhood!

In the same way, Just because one is a male, does not mean he cannot become a mother!  Mr. Pathri is to me a wonderful mother!  And just because you don't get married, does not mean you cannot become a mother or a father!  For example, a nun by name Teresa became Mother Teresa!

Motherhood goes much beyond womanhood!

Also you don't have to have a baby or a child  to claim or prove your motherhood.  In the next village, we have a man who had met with an accident and lost his mental balance and became totally dependent.  He has two children and had a wife.  When he became mentally challenged his wife deserted him.  But his father; must be nearing 70, cares him like a child!  Man can become a mother!  A needy person can bring forth a mother too!

Normally, bearing a child and caring a child makes someone a mother!  For bearing a child, you need another person, good health and good environment!  But caring needs your personal decision and disposition alone!

I have visited the service centres of the Little sisters of the poor! Their home for children, old age homes and so on!  Oh! my God!  They are literally to be adored!  Their service to humanity is matchless! 

Similarly I have seen nuns and nurses who work in leprosarium and hospitals!!  They move your hearts with their unblemished commitment and care!

Humanity needs care!  It thirsts for someone to touch and say, "I am with you"!

People in prisons, the aged ones, the sick in the hospital and those who cannot afford hospital, the orphaned children, the street children, the slum dwellers, millions of farmers who toil day and night to feed this earth, the deserted parents, the grandparents who are alienated from the younger ones in the family, the aged religious in your community, sexually exploited women and children, those denied their rights and languish in poverty and cruelties, the child workers, domestic employees treated like slaves and so many around you thirst for a caring mother!

A laying of hand on their shoulder with an impeccable love will make their day!  A shared portion of your food from your table (I say TABLE; not before dumping in the waste basket) will make their day!  A good portion of your time spend with the lonely will make their day! A visit to the sick, uncared, those in prison will make their day!

Thousands of babies are being delivered everyday!  We don't run short of them!  We are looking forward to the delivery of a mother!  We need mothers, who cares and loves!!

There is a mother in you!  Deliver it!!


Friday, December 25, 2020

The Holy Family Dec 27 2020


Return to your Family!

The holy family of Mary, Joseph and Jesus was simple, loving, wonderful, compassionate and beautiful; are all our imagination and expectation!  Imagination, of that family and expectation of my family!!

A family is filled with rights and duties.  For example, Children do enjoy their rights from parents.  When it is their turn to take care of the parents especially when they are old and sick; it is parents right and children's duty!

In the last couple of decades we hear more of rights in the entire spectrum of society!  Rights of workers, Rights of women, Rights of children, Rights of natives, Rights of prisoners, Rights of minorities, Right to livelihood and so on! 

Because there was the other extreme!  Exploitation, Denial of equality, Child abuse, Slavery, Colonization, violations and so on!  Emancipation of humanity needs to address, face and answer such crucial issues.

But I believe there must be a personal evaluation on all of these!

When I speak of my right, When I demand my right, When I achieve what is rightful, Do I also think of my duties, what I need to deliver to the society, my neighbourhood and my family.

As the bread winner of the family or as the head of the family you may have the right to spend your earnings the way you want and  the way you decide!  But what about the need of the children and the rest of the family?  You may have to strike the right balance between extravagance and needs.  Luxury and essentials!  Consciousness of rights alone can drag you to one extreme but consciousness of your duties will calmly and compassionately bring you to a balance.

It is the same with child right too!  People become so very conscious of child right that it goes to the extent of pampering than a responsible bringing up. Children who cannot take criticism and correction grow up as weak characters.  That is how you see, so many chubby figures around with a weak mind and will.

Because there was child labour and child exploitation, we all quickly moved into child protection.  We became so very protective of our children that they lost all exposures and grow up as broiler chickens.

·         The un-proportionate infiltration of social media, mobile phones, televisions have taken away our traditional family spirit and union.  You commonly see people glued to mobile phones on dining tables, group meetings, churches and so on! 

·         Private consumption of alcohol has ruined the economy and peace of several of our families.

·         Individualism and consumerism that has crept into the society have shattered social harmony.

The only way to reconstruct this society is to return to the family!  The roots lie there.

Look at the hen and the chicks!  You learn so many lessons from them!  There is protection; protection from enemies, protection from cold and heat, there is freedom under watchful eyes, there is feeding, there is a lesson how to fetch food, how to defend oneself, there is a bit of exploitation (picking the worms); but all in a very balanced and apt manner.  The hen does not control when the chicks need to be independent.  The hen does not allow too much of a free movements when they are young. You must know when to protect and when to set free.

The 21 days of hatching and then parenting is like total giving up of oneself for the sake of its "kids"!

They won't give mobiles to kids!  They will sacrifice movies and TVs when their chicks have exams!  They will first feed the chicks before spending for a booze or a party!  They will value education more than jewellery and ornaments! Birds and animals seem to know exactly when to be liberal and when to be protective. 

Therefore, Sow! what you want to reap!  Be sure to reap what you sow!

Teach your children by example not just by advices alone!  If you parents, use unfit and bad language at each other and then advice your children to be modest and respectful, it's going to be difficult until they learn a hard lesson at the hands of somebody else!

When you come home late after loitering, be sure soon your son would follow afoot!  If you are spent thrift don't expect your children to save and spent!

If you use hard words against your siblings, your children would do the same to their siblings.  No point in regretting later.

Therefore today, Let us not too much worry about how holy, the family of Nazareth was!  That may lead you to piety and prayers! Rather it would be useful and practical to make my family a holy family!

Holiness is not equivalent to prayers and pious activities alone.   Don't think sainthood alone is the mark of holiness!  There are millions of saints all around!  Daddy sacrifices his needs just to fulfil the dreams of his children is nothing short of an act of holiness.  When children realize their father's greatness and  are careful in their spending is also an attitude of love.  Love is nothing but holiness.  A single parent bear all the emotional pains but put up with them just for the sake of their children is an expression of holiness.  I have seen several mothers in villages save everything for their kids, is to me is holiness!  The best place where you can nurture holiness is your home!  Cultivate holiness!  A lot of our complaints and dissatisfaction about the society today actually had its seedlings and roots at our home.

Carelessness, Indifference, Consumerism, Individualism; all were learnt at home!  Love, Generosity, Sacrifice, Care, Mutual respect, Godliness are also learnt from home!!

Those of us who left their homes for service to humanity please do extend your home now!  Your little "tent" where you have your "quilt" is not your home.  Let your "family" be filled with people around you especially the poor and the needy.  You had crossed the borders of your biological family to serve humanity not your "tent" and "tenant"!

It is not the presence of Jesus, Mary and Joseph makes your home, holy!  It is your love, your charity, your concern, your care, your compassion makes your home holy.  They love to be present where the environment smells holy! 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Christmas! He did! Why not me!?

 He did then!!  Why not me, now?

I do enjoy watching Judge Caprio Francesco in the court rooms of Rhode Island, USA.  He is 84 and his way of delivering Justice is far different from that of the usual court rooms where Justice is impartial, objective and blind folded!

Francesco not only looks at the violations but compassionately understands the life and situation of the individual (in common language), the accused!  He treats every person as a human and not as a case to be judged!  He looks at persons with hope not just past incidents alone!

In Francesco, a judge became human!

Farmers from Punjab and other states are in Delhi capital demanding the withdrawal of laws against the peasants of the country.   Police lathi-charged and tear-gased them.    Many wounded were profusely bleeding.  But that very day, these very farmers were serving food to the policemen who had wounded them, saying, "after all, they are our children and the government unfortunately had put them against us!"

Farmers are very humane!

Sister Rani Maria was stabbed to death in Nachambore hills, M.P. by one Samandar Singh. He was later sentenced to life imprisonment.  Her nun sister Salomi and her mother visited Singh in the jail and kissed his hand and forgave him.  Later they personally went to the governor of the sate pleading his release.

Sr. Salomi and her mother from their sisterhood and motherhood moved forward to become human to Samandar singh through their forgiveness.

God also became Human.

Christmas was the beginning of God becoming human! 

If there was a will of God being enacted in the biological birth of Jesus, then that itself is telling!  For instance, His choice of a family to be born was poor!  His choice of a spot where he should be born was a manger! His choice of a race in which he should be born was one, that was going through a twofold suppression; the Jewish leadership and the Roman hegemony!  I thank God for being partial, partial to the poor!! That is why Mary said, "He exalts the humble and brings down the mighty"

If they were all attributed to the  will of God, I say, "Thank you God!".  But I am more interested in and admire of the grownup Jesus!

He saved a woman in the temple premises from being stoned!  He entered into the "shell" of Zachaeus and made him socially acceptable!  He openly admired the poor widow who dropped her two coins! He eulogised the repenting tax collector in the prayer hall!  He healed the sick not minding whether it is Sabbath or not!   He felt closeness with the poor, He sided with the oppressed, His philosophy is pro poor!  He attempted to destabilize the established religion that promoted guilt and distanced God!

It is easy and comfortable to celebrated the Jesus of Bethlehem!

But the grown up Jesus was comforting, compassionate, controversial, rebellious and a challenging one!  We need to admire, understand and imbibe him!

Both the biological birth of Jesus and the evolving of Jesus the Christ have now become history. It is because of the latter the farmer becomes important.  The Latter is the paradigm.  The farmer is an event.

The paradigm involves you and me. It has a compelling invitation.  It is not a dead past!  The paradigm is alive and related to the present!

That is how many say, "Jesus is alive"!  But you can easily put an end to him if you stop with the crib and the carols, mass and churches, food and celebration!

Move, to become a human!

I am a woman, I am rich, I am a politician, I am a communist, I am a teacher, I am a priest, I am a religious! I am a policeman! I am aggressive! I am God!

Get moving from where you are! Become human!

Teresa was a nun!  When she walked around the streets of Kolkotta, she encountered the sick and the dying, she became human!

There was a priest, Levite and a Samaritan!  They all walked on the same lane!  All the three saw a wounded man on the way!  Two continued to be a priest and a sacristan!  The Samaritan became human!

When Dr Kalam met with crippled persons he was moved and was disturbed. As a result, from defence laboratories, weightless callipers were made.  The nose cone of Agni missile was made of  glass filled with polypropylene.  At the initiative of Dr. Kalam the weight of a Calliper was reduced from 4 kg to 300 grams. He sees this as one of the greatest achievements.  A scientist who worked for defence materials became human!

The basic call of every person is to become human!

Police, Lawyer, Scientist, Priest, Teacher, Sweeper, gods and goddesses  are all functional and temporal!  For societal existence and continuance they are important and necessary.  

Imagine; you are a nun and inhuman!  What is the use?  Police and inhuman, hit and kill people!  Officer and inhuman; bribe and loot!

Fr. George Zebelka was a chaplain in the 509th composite group, the atomic bomb group in USA during the II world war.  He was the one who blessed both the aircrafts that carried the atom bombs that erased huge number of human lives in a few seconds! Of course, later he got converted to the side of non violence.

Your profession is incidental!  Excellence in profession is development!  But excellence minus humanness is barbarism!  You see it in business today, politics today, medicine today, governance today, religion today!

Incarnation is all about becoming human!  God did it in Jesus!  and Jesus accomplished it!!  God did it in you and me too!  will I accomplish it?  

Happy Christmas!  Also for all those who want to celebrate it on 25th December as well

Friday, December 18, 2020

4th Sunday of Advent 2020 The (Im)possibilities!


The (Im)possibilities!

What is impossible to the human minds and mundane science, becomes possible for God!   A virgin bears a child and a barren woman also brings forth a child!

Let us take a distance from its theology.  But go closer to the spirituality of the content!

Theology is static that leads to sets of believes which can drag you to be a fundamentalist.  Whereas spirituality is dynamic and leads you to faith (openness) and makes you human, compassionate, encompassing and simple.  Since our concern here is not theologising the content, we don't have to enter into the event or historical narration of the same, which may be interesting but not our concern now!

There are so many things that are considered to be or proven to be impossible in this world.

There are several Christian churches that don't accept church tax and community rights of other caste believers.  There is a Caste wall in a cemetery that divides the faithful.  There is a Trouser Church where the faithful sit in two segments of the church and participate in the same mass!  Can these and similar be overcome? Impossible Is isn't it?

Can India and Pakistan sit at a table to sort out their differences and save millions and millions of their money spent on military and weapon and focus on development?  Impossible, Is isn't it?

Can corporate companies and , Multi National business entities stop looting the peasants, natives  and the locals? Impossible, Is isn't it?

Will politicians stop using religion, caste and petty politics to divide the common man to chew political power?  Impossible, Is isn't it?

Can the "Cleric pinnacled"  pyramidical structure in the church give way to a communitarian church?  Impossible, Is isn't it?

Can business be exploitation free? Can women enjoy freedom and equality in the society? Will we stop taking bribe?  Will you stop giving bribe?  Will we stop taking dowry?  Will we stop exploiting the workers?  Will we stop treating physical labour as menial labour?  Impossible, Is isn't it?

We often expect God to do the impossibilities!  We pray intensely to make God perform the most toughest jobs!  We plead or force God to make changes in the other especially in our enemies and not in us!  We try hard to make God, act!  Isn't that true?

On the other hand; we do the easiest, the ones that pleases us, the ones that we enjoy however ruthless it is, the ones that are self satisfying however unjust and exploitative it is!

I don't want to go through the simplest pain!  I sit in the church in such a comfortable place where I don't have to face the ones I dislike!  I am not willing to shake hand with my neighbour!  I am not ready to forgive my own people who might have hurt me or I had hurt them!  I don't want to part with a bit of my savings for the deserving ones of my society!  I don't want to stop bargaining with the street vendors!  I don't stop shopping in posh malls where I unjustly and stupidly dump money to the rich!

Forget for a while about the impossibilities of my tough reach!  Think first of the possibilities that are within my easy reach with a slight possible effort!

We sit in church couches wondering and exclaiming and praising God performing the impossibilities!  How comfortable it is!  How nice it is to think of God, the all powerful!  We watch him like as we get  glued to magician PC Sorcar!

The impossibilities of this world are human made!  Unless we begin somewhere to lay hands on the impossibilities,  God is not going to perform magic shows!

Visitation of Mary is in fact an invitation to us;

Step out and visit!

Step out of your narrow mindedness and begin visiting the humans around!

Step out of your Ghetto to meet other people! (prince Siddhartha did it and we had Buddha)

Get out of your passive Comfort Zones to reach the needy (Sr. Anjeze did it and we had Mother Teresa)

Break your shell, Break open your prison!  Break your prejudices!  Break your excuses!  and "Visit"!  Don't quote your positions, riches and privileges  as reasons why others should reach you or ask you or beg you or plead  you!

Reach does not mean you have to drive your car 400 km to reach someone to say hello! There are now 101 ways to reach people.  Therefore,  begin to say hello, begin to say sorry, begin to say thank you.

Yes, Everything is Possible!, also for God!!

Gate-less Heaven! 2nd Sunday Jan 17 2021

  Gateless Heaven!  "When" can I come to your place?   You may be very busy with so many things! Can "I" come to you...